step1:get a mixer

9 06 2006

got this some time ago, but here it is anyway

mixer2.jpg mixer1.jpg mixer31.jpg

me baby =] a 12-channel, non-powered mixer with effects. problem is, i have nothing to play around with me new baby =[

speakers? microphones? cables? headphones? footswitches? surprisingly, i have none. yes. bummer indeed. but all is not lost yet, though lacking in equipment, i still managed to fix up a (very lousy sounding) sound system with me pc and me guitar amplifier.

here’s what i did:

  • a mini-jack from me pc’s line out connected to ch1 of me baby

  • a jack connected to the right output of me baby to the input of me guitar amplifier

needless to say, not only did i get mono sound, there was humming coming out everywhere from me guitar amplifier, sound quality lacked depth, it even sounded worse than those el-cheapo speakers they bundle up with computers these days =[

*takes a hammer out and swings it toward the system*

*takes out a cloth and gently wipes me baby*

you tried your best, didn’t you? wipe that tear of your beautiful buttons. don’t worry, you’ll have new toys to play with soon =]




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