arachnid filth

13 06 2006

toothpick.jpgbefore you lies the greatest pornstar in a.avi history. long slender legs with nails that are always painted pink. eyes that mesmerize even the most stoned. an evenly toned body from top to bottom. a sizable, supple rear-end. what more could you ask for? the only problem is. she’s a tarantula =] here she is: toothpick


if you are 18 years old and below, please kindly stop reading right here. the furthur contents of this post may be deemed ‘filth’ and ‘offensive’ by the general public. for the rest of you. well. enjoy =]

mating2.jpg mating1.jpg

the bigger one is toothpick. and the smaller one is probably the luckiest tarantula in the world yet. they’ve had ‘intercourse’ about twice in the past week, and he’ll be getting lucky another 2-3 times i reckon. i just hope toothpick’s cannibalism instinct don’t kick in anytime soon.




5 responses

14 06 2006

nonsense 😛 i'm gonna kill all d baby spiders when they're borned.. muahahaha..

µ.zician : -_-''' wat kinda sis is this manz. later i kaya raya after i sell my babies, i dun give u any! hoHOhO!

16 06 2006

hola~ long time no see. i found you~ hahaha

µ.zician : woohoo! u found me… now who are you?!? =P darrell tan yit ming?

18 06 2006

i miss toothpick!!!

µ.zician : i think she might miss you too =]

19 06 2006

aik…so pandai one. hahaha

 µ.zician : i don't really know many darrells =] so how'd you stumble here man? randomly? nice to hear from you bro.

22 02 2007

makes you think doesn’t it

µ:zician : hmm… i don’t quite know what you mean by that eh…

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