revived after draught

23 06 2006

back to school. a new semester. a new leaf. a new life. the same band! jamming last thursday breathe the music back into me. other than our usual covers, we played stars by switchfoot. not the tightest of playing, but a very fun song nonetheless. although we haven’t been together for the longest of times, farewell my concubine is almost a year old now. took us quite a while before we got things moving, but i think we’re okay right now. though we only have 1 original song to date =P

alas, one day we shouldn’t be playing covers anymore, no?
wondering when this day will come.
though i sometimes space out when vic, jul and ming
play the songs they dig.
i feel this going somewhere. somewhere good. nice hopefully.



me :: vic :: jul :: ming




One response

15 08 2006

This is definitely going somewhere.. FMC is ‘World’!
Eh send me the photo la

µ.zician :  yeah word! haha, certainly hope we have a future =]

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