step2:get cables to hook system up

26 06 2006

went to low yat last saturday to shop for IT stuff with my ling. bluffed her that i wanted to get cables for my mixer so that she'd allow me to bring her there. anyway, after getting about everything she needed, i told her that i wasn't sure that there was a shop here that sold the cables i needed. hehe, but somehow i bumped into MiDi Specialist located on the 4th floor, the floor after the 2 IT floors in lowyat. met a guy there, loke. he was the product specialist there and i learnt quite a lot from him. after discussing with him about how best to hook my budget system up, i opted for these:

  • 2 XLR (microphone) cables
  • 1 custom-made cable (a mini-jack on one side, and 2 male XLRs on the other)
  • 2 XLR-to-RCA adapters

seems little right? well, i guess its cheap when it comes to pro audio. all in all, it cost 120. well, the sound is good. much better than my previous cables which i bought from jusco. hehe. well, no pictures of the new system. cables are boring. so instead, here's a wishlist, and also a preview of step3!



read more about it here





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