dedicated to… beethovan wannabe

2 08 2006

yes yes. i know i haven’t been blogging for the past month at least =] but a recent event has bounced me back into this mood of blogging. well, it all started with me and jiok were having brunch in between class. in comes mr-pornstar-director-hair who i haven’t seen in awhile. so after sentences exchanged, i asked him about boi (his saga. yeah, we both have sagas). a snippet of our conversation follows.

engz : so, how’s aboi?
nuha : aboi? u mean boi?
engz : yeah. boi, ahboi, whatever.
nuha : haha. oh ya, i banged into a lamppost.









engz : what?
nuha : yeah, i hit a lamppost.
engz : how la?
nuha : well, i took a corner too fast. late for class ma.
engz : and?
nuha : haha, i took the corner. den understeer gila. then i was like, “oh sh*t, oh fu*k.” then i hit the lamppost la. den it went *tonggggggggggggggggggg* it was resonating! haha, beethovan would’ve been proud of me!
engz & jiok : lol. rofl. lmao.

yeah. he blamed it on understeer. he was only taking the corner at about 70-80kmph. den i blamed it on his tires. or maybe he just cant drive. haha. here are pictures for your viewing pleasure. for more detailed information about this, kindly direct your inquiries personally to mr nuha.



and here’s the evidence of a proton saga’s presence in this place…


oh yeah. he said the lamppost resonated until the lights at the top fell off. haha yeah, i couldn’t find no lights on the road, but i saw this.


as you can see, there’re no lights on this lamppost.

GG to Nuha =]




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