i became a cruel person today

9 08 2006

yes i did. i’m a very bad person. i did the worst thing u could do to a potential mother. i forcefully took a mother’s children away from her. sigh* she put up a fight. yes she did. but i overpowered her. yes. i had tools. i had. weapons. first i forced her door open. then i pushed her all around her house. she took beatings from me, protecting her babies from harm. she did all she could. i felt bad all the way. now she looks so sad. wondering all around. looking for her loved ones. thinking she misplaced them. man. i can imagine what pain she’s going through now. *shrug

oh well. here they are. for all of you to see.



hohoho. i hope none of them die. they’re a. avi. also known as the common pinktoe. any buyers? spiderlings should be out in about 2 weeks minimum.




2 responses

9 08 2006

tempting. owh so tempting!!!!
tiny lil toothpicks!
i wantttttttt.
but but…..

µ.zician : hurmz. i’ll take that as a yes eh? hohoho. well, before you make ur decision here are some things to let you know. 1. spiders are the lowest maintainence pets in the world (as far as i know, the only thing tat has a lower maintainence is a dead one) 2. i think number 1 is enough to help you make ur decision right? =]

13 04 2008

Len ur mum here … i didn’t know that spiders have feelings like people. Are the little babies hatched yet…. Be very, very careful… in case the mummy spider bites you during a thunderstorm eh? gain strength of a spider….. big, big responsibilities …. hehehehe

µ:zician: aiyo mummy, u must look at the date of the post 1st ma.. this was soooooooooooooooooooo long ago =P

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