what students dread that happens about twice a semester

17 08 2006

exams. yes, mine is finally here. and it couldn’t have arrived at a more convenient time. number 1, this week, i have 3 lab sessions to go to. yeah, 3. and also, i have 3 midterms this week. yeah, 3. again. never have i had such a week to go through before. oh well, thank god that most of the papers this week aren’t that difficult, and that 1 lab clashes with an exam, so i can replace that one =] oh yeah, spiderlings are also forcasted to come out this week, everything’s happening this week.

on a brighter note, pictures of my new babies will be up soon! hehe, now i just need to get a better camera other than my p910i.




One response

17 08 2006

Ah. Much better layout than the black one. That was hard to read. 😛

µ:zician : hmm. thanks =] but aren’t ppl suppose to comment on what i write? not the layout? hehehe, i guess ur just being an fcm student =P

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