merdeka! merdeka!

28 08 2006

and here it comes again. suddenly u see waving pieces of coloured cloth everywhere: on cars,office buildings, houses, little kids waving them in their hands, motorcycles.

wait. motorcycles? hmm. small ones i guess.

wait. no. not those itsy bitsy ones on car windshields. we’re talking about big-@$$ pieces of them cloth waving frantically as those yamaha ex5’s pass your cars at 120kmph. i guess u’ll have to b driving that fast to make sure them waving clothes dont get into your face and cause an accident or something.

for the blur ones out there, we’re talking about flags =]

seriously it seems to be some kind of competition. one to see who can go around with the biggest flag. winner has the biggest balls nonetheless. risking his life, just to show everyone how proud he is to be malaysian. gives a whole new meaning to patriotism.


on a different note, here’s a quiz for all you malaysians out there. lets see how malaysian are you =]

  1. first, a history question. all of you should’ve learnt all this in high school. what do all the colours on the malaysian flag mean? (hint: there’re 4 colours)
  2. how many stripes does the blue portion of the flag take up?
  3. how many points are there on the star? what do the points on the star represent?
  4. what date was the malaysian flag adopted?
  5. what’s the malaysia flag’s length to width aspect ratio?

no cheating now.

the answers:

  1. red and white stripes: equal status of the federation of the members state and the federal government. blue: most common answers would be unity of malaysians. but there’re some that say the colour blue was derived from the union jack, to show malaysia’s association with great britain, since they were the ones that were ruling over us for the longest time. yellow: the colour of royalty in malaysia.
  2. 8
  3. 14. No they don’t represent the 14 states in malaysia. they represent the 13 states in malaysia and 1 federal territories (kuala lumpur)
  4. 16th september 1963
  5. 1:2

you are a:-

  • 5 correct: very clever malaysian. (a little too free too)
  • 3-4 correct: you read your history books, but you don’t memorize it.
  • 1-2 correct: you singaporean! hehehe
  • 0 correct: that’s my boy. this is the TRUE malaysian. so oblivious to his own country =]

:: updated the phones, the full wishlist and the friend’s quotes ::




One response

26 09 2006

0 …. wat a good malaysian 🙂

µ:zician : of course man. i’m proud to be malaysian. wouldn’t b borned in any other country. wouldn’t you? =]

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