5 09 2006

the urge. the longing. the tingling to do something u’ve always wanted to do. yes, i have a band. farewell my concubine. really love it. we play good music. i think. at least. apart from my singing. my vocals. *exhale* i need to get rid of this constant blob of phlegm thats chilling in my throat constantly. any methods to recommend?

back to the urge. yes. i’ve always wanting to play christian songs in my band. but unfortunately for me, farewell my concubine is not a christian band. which has led me to forming a band in my church. yes. in my dreams. and visions. its usually playing “christian” songs. like alter bridge. like switchfoot. like skillet. like kutless. like third day. oh, the longing. heh, this of course does not mean that i do not love to play the likes of lost prophets, red hot chilli peppers, incubus and the like. to be honest, both christian and non-christian songs give me an almost equal high. i guess christian songs have a slight edge since they’re God-based. anyway, the church band is just a plan. a concept. a dream. it’s forming. hopefully it won’t take too long.

revive-d. a process i must undergo. automatically, or forcefully. currently, its happening forcefully. yeah, for the informed people out there, well, its been awhile since the last song i wrote. the last anything i’ve written in that manner. but its coming. the inspiration is coming. the laziness has to go. the bed has to b left empty. upcoming malay song coming up soon. teaser? the title’s dalam diam =] ironically the chorus isn’t at all diam.





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