refreshing. refreshed

14 09 2006

its been a long day. *exhale. and and even longer time since i’ve posted something here. well, times are busy. its the time of the semester where bloggers stop blogging, people stop sleeping, maggi mee sales skyrocket, pimples appear in places you’ve never seen them before, people u never speak to suddenly message you saying “eh, you’ve done X already ah?” and smiles are less frequent on people’s faces. yes, its assignment/submission due season, which is followed by finals.

now, we humans are so predictable. really. pick a student at random and almost all the time they’ve said one of these before:

  • i tried doing it myself, but i don’t know how to do, and when i do myself i get lower!
  • i should’ve started studying earlier.
  • regret not going to class man.
  • next trimested, i won’t skip so many classes.

yeah. i’ve said all of the statements before. and more than once. some, more than twice. sucks no? when we’re in the moment, we say so many things. say what we will do differently the next time round. say how much we regret it.

the feelings that go through ur mind at that point of time. it really is a sinking bottomless one. i’ve been there. too many times before. and i still don’t know why i willingly go into the same mistakes again and again. i said i would go to more classes this semester, but i barely escaped being barred by a few subjects (thanks for the lecturers out there who didn’t bar me!) but i didn’t improve all that much. sigh*

i’ve always thought to myself, tat if i could rekindle the feelings i go through during these periods at any time, then i wouldn’t slack so much. so inventors and scientist out there, make some thingy that can recall feelings into the human brain. i’d benefit from it =]

moving along to much more happier stuff, farewell my concubine finally performed at its first event, the FOMS bbq night. although there were many blunders (was slightly drizzling and the sound system was at its uber minimum) its was fun nonetheless =] we were the last band to give our renditions of covers, 4 of them, and we got good support from friends, as well as strangers. unfortunately, out of the 4, i performed my favourite song the worst. yeah, well my voice kinda has a real crappy stamina. and we played my favourite song, lips of an angel last. so, by that time my notes were going all over the place. notes are from c to g, i went all the way to h, i and j =P but, it was all fun! thanks for all the support from everyone who came. in no particular order: weiming (my drummer), jasmine, alan, bryan, alwyn, su yen, rachel, hup lim, yi chang, steven and co. sorry for those names that i didn’t mention. your presense made it all worth it =]

pictures will be up shortly. waiting for the 2 nikon users to send them to me. hohoho

music makes me happy. playing music brings euphoria inside. people chanting my name. now that’s a new sensation. looking to bigger things in the future.

next performance. maybe next tuesday. stay tuned to find out more 😉




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