number 1

20 09 2006

here. pictures as promised =]

band:farewell my concubine
performance:first appearance to the world
venue:foms bbq night, chiller carpark, 8-10pm, 14/9/06

4 guys. against bbq food. who will get the people’s attention? =P

and the best tamborine-ist award goes to.

the band. victor (behind tamborine), engz, julian

drummerboy ming. couldnt join us. fcm-er. go figure.

thx to the groupies. opps, i mean fans. you guys made it all worth it. restepc.

my fav pic. if u have fame in music, but not fun, it means nothing. we had fun =]




One response

21 09 2006

my tambourine!! my tambourine!! hahah…nice job FMC.Amplify kinda made it’s debut at the same setting last year too. Can’t believe it’s been one year already.keep it up. keep it up. 😉

µ:zician : hohoho. yeah your tamborine~ link me up on ur blog dudez =]

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