wonder if this is true.

26 09 2006

i got this from my aunt. sounds believable. they say that in a petrol pump, there’re 2 valves, where 1 is for the petrol to come out of the nozzle, and anoter valve that puts petrol back into wherever it came from. to summarize it all, the valve that delivers petrol into ur tank is automatically stopped when the nozzle is submerged in petrol to a certain extent. now this fact i’m sure everybody knows. what i didn’t know (until now) is that to ensure that petrol doesn’t overflow out of your tank, the 2nd valve activates when the 1st valve is shut. meaning, to stop petrol from overflowing, it actually feedbacks the petrol back into the petrol station. thing is, we already paid for the petrol that’s been fedback into the petrol station. sounds believable right? here’s a diagram to ease your thought =]


so think twice on filling up to full tank next time =]





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27 09 2006

First the handphone.
Now this?
I’m tired of being suspicious of everyone and everything.

µ:zician : hohoho. my thoughts exactly, but this one sounds believable though. the handphone one, just sounded like crap to me =P

27 09 2006

the hp in the petrol thingy is not true according to my bro…there’s this program called mythbuster in discovery who did the research n found that itz BUSTED!

µ:zician : domo! yeah heard of that manz, now they have one more myth to bust =]

27 09 2006

Dude. It could possible be true. But i’ve filled up my tank till full and it overflowed. Call me dumb, but I was keeping me eyes on the meter to make sure I rounded up the number nicely, while petrol was overflowing out of the tank. by the time I got a nice number, the there was a pool of petrol on the floor. So i guess that this is kinda busted as well:p

µ:zician : hmm. yeah i’ve overflown my tank b4 too, but notice that ur tank only overflows when people like you and me try to round up to the nearest ringgit? heh, i don’t know about you but i’m trying this ‘myth’ out for myself =]

27 09 2006

The easiest way to really bust the myth is to ask a chem engineering student 😀 Now,… where do we find one?

µ:zician : heh~ i can ask my friend who works in petronas. but then, he might b ‘trained’ to give me a specific, vague answer. hohoho =]

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