battle of the analgesics

29 09 2006

i had a terrible migraine.yes, right smack in the middle of study week. too bad it’s not because i was studying too much. hohoho, but anyway it was the worst i’ve ever had. and the longest too. it fluctuated from good to bad for about 2 days but thank God its gone right now =] below you will find the battle i faced, along with a review of what medications i recommend when it comes to the battle of the analgesics! hohoho! sorry, got a little carried away there.

11:00 pm

i decided to call it a night. feeling a slight headache, i downed a panadol since i already took 1 about 30 minutes ago. proceeded to my bed to get some z’s.


2:00 am

i was awake suddenly with this blistering, excruciating pain on the left side of my head. deng, migraine. but i already took a panadol 3 hours ago? oh well, since i already took panadol, i opted for tiger balm. applied a generous portion onto my left forehead and back to bed i was.


contestant2:tiger balm

2:15 am

stupid tiger balm’s not doing anything. except letting me smell its awful menthol-y smell. how am i gonna get any sleep this way? argh! screw it man. i proceeded to using the magic that has always worked for me: panadol actifact! yeah! popped 2 into me mouth. waited for about 30 minutes. went back to sleep. oh yeah, had a little chat with su yen too, since i couldn’t sleep. here’s wat she said:

engz: help
su yen ooi: hey yeah?
engz: my head’s killing me…
su yen ooi: go sleep it off lar
engz: hve been trying2sleep4d past 2hrs
su yen ooi: aiks!!
su yen ooi: eat panadol lar
engz: migraine since ytd
engz: ate 2 in the afternoon d
engz: den at 1 b4 i tried2sleep
engz: now cannot sleep, just took another 2
su yen ooi: aikssss
su yen ooi: omg~~
su yen ooi: that bad?
engz: no i’m joking
engz: y would i lie at this kinda time man…
engz: i just put ice on my head, din help much either~
su yen ooi: aikss~~
su yen ooi: hmm…
su yen ooi: go see a doc lar
engz: thx for the advice
su yen ooi: ehehe
su yen ooi: err… ur welcome
su yen ooi: 😛

-_-”’ i must’ve forgotten sarcasm doesn’t work online.

tiger balm:gg


7:00 am (i think)

i woke up again. yes. throbbing still there. pain still there. stomach full of analgesics. forehead full of tiger balm. and still the migraine prevailed. argh! i had run out of analgesics. and i couldn’t drive out to anywhere on my own. and obviously everyone’s sleeping. was going to call my parents when. i remembered i had just 1 more hope: disprin! hohoho, this is an aspirin that i happen to have in my house since my girlfriend is allergic to paracetamol (thank you ling for being allergic to paracetamol!) anyways, as i said this was my last hope to get any sleep at all. its a soluble, so its dropped into the water 1st. so i drank the concoction and went back to sleep.



and after that, i had a sound sleep right until 12:30pm =] so as you can see, paracetamol sucks! hohoho, for me at least. convert into the use of aspirin people! the americans use it, now i know why!





One response

30 09 2006

hey thanks for the reco..hahah..i always hav migraine too…

µ:zician : hey rach~ yeah, i always get migraines =[ ur ‘wet’ gang has introduced 2 other stuff to me, but i cant remember the names of the meds d =P

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