point to ponder

30 09 2006

isn’t it strange. that when you’re super free, u don’t do certain things. but when u’re suppose to be busy, you’d do the things u usually dont? maybe it only works for the busy-ness that we don’t like.

hohoho. of course i’m talking about study week. a week, where i think i’ve always done the least studying in the whole trimester. hmm, hope that would change. 2 days went down the drain due to some stupid migraine (read furthur below), hope i can put the remaining days to use. 1st paper on monday. argh.

oh! u know what else happens during study week? blogs pop up from nowhere! heh. don’t believe me? the infamous IMBA momofofo started when? study week of beta =] i don’t have a blog for gamma, but now we have this popping up during this study week! hohoho.

other things that go on that aren’t suppose to:

  • accelerated rate of watching movies/series/anime
  • u notice ur house is dirty and start cleaning it
  • the sudden urge to go to the gym everyday (maybe this one’s only me)
  • youtube surfing =]
  • writing stuff (only me again)

class of ’67. hohoho

ok i’ll study now. grumble*




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