cf chill-out performance

5 10 2006

the recordings of our 2nd live performance begins now. well, it was about a month or so ago, but i just got the pictures today, and erm. having some time on my hand (grabbing every activity that procrastination throws to me), i’ve chosen to document this event. aren’t i so self-sacrificing for u readers out there? =]

it was held in the cyberia a3 hall, rather than the traditional room on campus due to the food, noise, etc. so i got there at about 7pm. few ppl there, emotion in the air felt. dull. got me into the emo mood for awhile, thinking back on previous things i’ve done for cf ( with rubberband) but the mood picked up once people started coming =]


contents after this point may be disturbing. while taking some random shots of 2 blokes playing with pipes, the presence of a ‘ghost’ (hantu) who has a sweet spot for alfa romeos and bones was recorded by the next picture…cf0906_5.JPG


*poof* out of nowhere, organisme labelled ‘d_kao’ sneaks a cheapshot at bloke#1

now, back to what was going on outside…

mr punctual vic was held up due to some assignment (i think. dr ali?), so jul was the 1st to arrive. dbs (deceiving bedtime story), a band of my friends was also asked to play on that nite. the first time i heard them play was with their lead guitarist singing, but this time their vocalist was singing. we’ll get to that later.

su yen’s guitar had only 5 strings, and so did johnson’s (friend from dbs), so jul brought his friends guitar, which had all 6 strings, but it was a kapouk! hohoho, in the end we opted for suyen’s 5string acoustic which served us well in our 1st performance.

prac beside the hall commenced once vic arrived wit ming. den vic had some poser idea: since suyen stays 2 floors above, we shall shout her name so she will come out to the balcony, then we play to her! whoa! but vic is shy thought of the betterment of us, so he called suyen instead and. she wasn’t home. potong steam.

anyway, we heard sounds in the hall so i thought dbs was playing already so we rushed in, mana tahu they were playing some game, so we joined in. just one of those ice-breaker games =]

after the food was dbs, the played 3 songs, i miss you by incubus, the book of love by peter gabriel and some other song i cant recall =P their vocalist. the voice. 1 word: awesome. really suited the songs, especially the book of love. johnson did some wicked harmonizing as well. support from the crowd? not too crazy.


now fmc was next, so we played exactly what we did at the foms bbq, but this time ming was on the cajon. voice was pretty bad that day, was only 5 days after the bbq. echoeing in the hall was crappy. at the end of the thing, i found out the tamborine was drowning out every other instrument.was a good time, to me at least. ming left straight after that cause of assignments and some other reasons. hmm. here’re some shots on that night, thx to ann-na banana =]

vanilla: must feeed…
jul: eh! paparazzi! i didn’t know we were that famous!cf0906_6.JPG
random hot chick: *thinking* hmm… julian’s quite cute =]cf0906_7.JPG
ck @ ‘holey’ man stole the limelight from fmc and dbs with his dancemoves to the song of backstreet boys – i’ll never break your heart

when’s number 3? actually i turned down a number 3 opportunity due to finals looming around the corner. didn’t tell me bandmates but my friend asked us to play at a high school event. estimated crowd: 300. oh well, another time will come, vision in sight: audiowarfare 06! =]




2 responses

5 10 2006

oh my goodness….why got my pic eating twisties wan!!! LOL i look so dumb hahaha…

µ:zician : hahaha. always look around in public places, like julian. u don’t wanna b caught 😉

16 10 2006

hey the nex performance call mai me 😛

µ:zician : heh, no prob~ i tot alan told u guys, but mana tahu oni alan came support me. sad sial~

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