richard hammond is alright

6 10 2006

i can’t believe i’m blogging about richard hammond. i mean, from the 3 of them in topgear, i reckon he’d be the 3rd on my list on who i would blog about in topgear.

i mean, clarkson. clarkson is. well, clarkson. rough around the edges. with his witty you-will-only-understand-my-jokes-if-you-come-from-my-country lines. and yet appreciates the finer cars as well.

james may. the one who’d at the weird LMAO ROFL aspect to topgear. he once said “the only thing i carry in my car is a little brush so that i can dust the corner and vents on the air conditioner in my car.”hammond.JPG

but hammond. all i can think of about hammond is tooth whitening. and also the fact that he’s on almost every channel in the uk (quoted by clarkson whilst in the new benz s-class) =]

i recall this episode where they were suppose to build an amphibian car. clarkson as you’d expect, went for the biggest motor he could fit on his 4wd. the “refined” may made a frigging sailboat. hammond. oh hammond. got a minivan and turned it into some cruise ship. and it had a gay porn magazine in it! i mean, the thing weight 358 tonnes, but was only powered by a 1.3liter engine, maybe less, cant really remember.

but as we all have heard by now, he was involved in an accident while driving in a rocket-powered car going at 300mph. he’s doing better now. read all about it here.




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