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8 10 2006

i’m at a place where i haven’t really gotten into this place where i start looking at the tone, depth, what wood my neck is made of, the strings gauge, the pickups i use, the distance my strings are from the fretboard, all that shit. hmm, for the ones with the lost look in your eyes, i’m talking about my bass guitar playing. yes i appreciate the way my baby sounds like and i know what types of sounds i like, what tone i prefer but it basically ends there. i dont know whether i’d prefer a medium gauge string compared to a low. i dont know the difference between the sound a maple wood fretboard and a rosewood fretboard produce. i dont know what active pickups are good, or what passive pickups are good. right now, i’m basically a binary man. when i see a bass, i know one of the two are true:

  • i like it
  • i don’t like it

and when i hear the sound of a bass guitar, i too also know one of the two are true:

  • i like how it sounds
  • i don’t like how it sounds

well, i might “try” to appear more knowlegable by saying some smart stuff like “i like the tone and depth of the B-string” or “it sounds to metallic” or “i like this level of warmness” heck when i say these things, half of the time i don’t know what i’m talking about (i think) a great big part of me still rates the quality of a guitar based on one thing: the aesthetics appearance it gives me =] hohoho, sounds a little materialistic and all right? well thats part of the reason why i dig new age basses with active pickups so much. they just look so COOL. i don’t know about you, but fat, thick pickups are my thing (to the eye, that is), not thin little j-pickups, they just dont look good imho.

drooL* the warwick fortress one (1994) the next addition to me wishlist =]




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9 10 2006

woOts…chun bass!! nicenice.. =D
fyi, i know nuts abt bass guit..hahahhaha

µ:zician : yupz, same here. just follow my 2 criterias den can d la. hohoho~

9 10 2006

sound good den ok la..
looks good den ok la….
muahahahaha =P

µ:zician : yeah!! =]

9 10 2006

Uuh..? A lot depends lar. The bass itself and the amp also. But lets forget the amp for now. Bass basically got 2 kinds of tones. Vintage tones(Fender) and modern tones(Ibz, Yammy, etc). Most common basses are modern tone with high bass, medium treb, and low mids. Vintage tone is high bass, medium mid, low treb. Whole bass got diff woods(body, nect, fretboard) but basically fretboard effect tone more. Maple is brighter sound, rosewood has a deeper darker sound. String gauge and action is more of a playing/feel thing. All dat said…wuts most important is sendiri try n see u like or not lar. hahaha. And i want a warwick too!!! Warwick streamer!!!

µ:zician : whoa. bass lesson on my site sial~ hohoho, u got 2 basses d le bro, b satisfied la, i ada satu jer =P

19 10 2006

;D oh. just droppin’ by.
well i saw your link through msn.
so HELLO my dear friend! how are you?

µ:zician : hey d! nice to hear from ya babe. so i read u’ve pierced ur tongue? when can i see it? i’ve linked u. link me up aiight? =]

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