and so the infidel dies

5 11 2006

yes. the sentence has been read. the judgement has finished. it is over. for now at least. he still has time to appeal the court’s decision though. well, for the young and innocent, me is talking about saddam hussien. yeah, that dude who was captured long ago in a lil hole in iraq.

finally he’s been sentenced to death by hanging. somehow it doesn’t seem enough right? i mean, if u measure up the things that he has done, the crime towards humanity and all that. why, death by hanging and leaving him there to rot until his whole body biodegrades doesn’t sound quite enough to me i reckon.

well, i’m no writer. i cant write shyt well, so i think you better read more about it here

one question though. if you could personally sentence mr hussien, what sentence would it be? hmm. now that’s a tough one. life imprisonment in a 1m cube? hanging him, letting him loose, hang him again, rinse and repeat for a year? donate him to the foundation of research on the sexual habits of rare animals of the himalaya? so many ways. haha, feel free to comment ya? =]


i’m saddam, yes i’m the real saddam, all you other saddams can all kiss my bottom, so won’t the real hussien pls stand up, pls stand up, pls stand up?




5 responses

5 11 2006

Hmm…good question. I’ll think about it and come back to you. Lolz.

µ:zician : yeah. patiently waiting here =]

6 11 2006

my vote =)
donate him to the foundation of research on the sexual habits of rare animals of the himalaya

µ:zician : hehe.. yeah my personal favourite too. but u’re suppose to suggest your own methods bro =]

6 11 2006

I dunno.. if I have the rights, I’d sentence Bush as well before I do anything to Saddam.. Why is Saddam sentenced to acts of genocide and felony while Bush and his men have done even worse to the human race? Fuck all this shit no one has the right to do all this except for god! yeah sorry for the profanity hehe. Fuck you all! yeah u all! haha

µ:zician : yeah, i kinda agree with you. but then, he’s the president of the us and a (as borat would say), so we cant really do anything to him, now can we…

9 11 2006

ehh i sing halleluyah and i duno wat the heck it means!

wat does it mean!?!!?!

why cant i sing the song halleluyah when it really means nothing to me? rofl

µ:zician : ala… google the meaning la~ hohoho… i think it means praise be to God =] and, cannot means cannot la~!! do you say i love you to a girl you dont love? haha

30 12 2006

Jules, How can you say that, Bush isn’t going around persecuting us or hanging us for what we believe in. Hussein on the other hand has killed hundreds of thousands of people, innocent people, by hanging, gasing, torture.
I’m ecstatic that he was hung I’m just sorry his neck broke so fast.

µ:zician : well, that’s just cause we got proof to bring down saddam. oh well, i dont know much about politics anyway, so i guess to each his own =P

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