22 11 2006

to provide opportunities for student to develop their creativity and performance skills to produce multi-talented students and multi-skilled students.

yeah. the time has come to take the co-curicular subject for me course. and as predicted, i took theater. i mean, language subs suck. was actually thinking of taking mandarin or something. but i heard chinese students aren’t allowed to go for mandarin level 1 anymore. bummer for bananas like me i guess.. then there’s sports, i guess that’s quite cool. but then you don’t get marks for how good you are… and there’s all those mumbo jumbo technical stuff (rules, court dimension, yadda yadda) tat you gotta study up for the exam.. and that leaves us with chess… national dance… and theater…

chess… ugh* need i say more? imbapeh, hups and kiantat are in that class tho…. even fifa alan’s there. my god, i guess he’d b able to apply chess tactics in his gaming. loL~

national dance… hmm… sounds alright… just that national dances are all so slow paced and boring and sleepy and… yeah you get my point…

so somewhat, i guess i was left with no choice but to take theater! hehe, well its all good. at least its a fun class. park your brain outside and just start doing wacko stuff from 4-8pm =]

you dont believe its fun? heh, here are some pics =] unfortunately these will b the last pics as i dont have a camera phone any longer =[


one of the scripts being acted out. our lecturer was just about to praise his script before he unveiled the truth: that his script was downloaded from the internet =P


i still don’t get this script. about some girl named star. the little one, the one who looks like she belongs in primary school. yeah, tats nobita. i mean, shobita =]


and finally, our beloved leader… tharan!

engineering sux~ theater rox! =]




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