now i know…

29 11 2006

i remember

why i dont go to the shopping mall anymore
why i watch so few movies
why i occupy myself with too much to do
why i talk so little about myself to people
why i love performing but suck at it at the same time

its you
yes you

seeing love. in people. expressed. indulged. complete. reminds me of my incompleteness. though temporary. but still. it hurts when i’m reminded. and i cant do anything about it. nothing. but distract myself. avoid seeing love.

maybe i’m weak. i fall easy.

i miss you most tonight.




2 responses

29 11 2006

aawww…u miss me so much isit…awww..feel so touched…

µ:zician : . . . . . . . .

28 12 2006

wtf..the last post is at 29th nov … lol…
cheeR up 🙂

µ:zician : haha… malas mar… dun worry, more posting to come! =]

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