and then there was one

13 01 2007

sometime last week i attended a wedding. a wedding that was quite special to me. not that it was my wedding la hohoho~! it was my youngest aunt’s wedding. and i think this is the first small-scale, kinda intimate, closed wedding that i’ve attended. well, for starters, the dinner had only 4 tables! yeah, basically was family and close friends. no distant aunts or nephews-that-you-never-knew-you-had kinda ppl =P

the wedding was in the renessaince renassaince (after googling…) renaissance, but i had to leave half way to attend my stupid theater finals… i left early though =P rushed back to finish up the good food at that place! *drool* there was sweet and sour chicken… roasted lamb… fresh salmon… deep fried prawns… some imba noodles… suffice to say the food was amazing =]

to make the night more splendid, there was actually fireworks on that night! yeah, according to me couz, he said it was the launching of visit malaysia 2007. and to end the night just awesome, the music was fantastic. well, i’m sure all of you have been to your number of weddings and the music must’ve been either unnoticable, or have putten you to sleep. well, not this time no. coz the ambience music was none other than RHCP!

yeah, apparently stewart’s a big fan. his music taste is quite good i must say. although he’s my uncle now, he listens to bands like nickelback, coldplay, foo fighters, rhcp, etc. i bet you dont have an uncle like that right? haha, anyways now for some pics. all the pics i have are on me flicker on the right =]


me and stewart o’brien


me and lily o’brien


me and my sis

more pictures to come in the near future, but to end this all…


there were two… now there’s only one left… we’re waiting for you next! haha~




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