18 02 2007

this blog will b temporary dead due to endless house hopping, food eating, money collecting, etc… so do pray that i will get more of these =]


hohoho~! and here’s something quite cool i found. enjoy! *pooF*




2 responses

18 02 2007

yo! howdee? keep in touch ya? btw, my blog can be googled too! haha!

µ:zician : hey ho… yeah i was impressed mine could be google-ed… but then i found out that i wasn’t the only one =[

19 02 2007

have a happy CNY.
btw pls do put a ‘contoh’ or ‘example’ sign on the ringgit bill before u get screwed by the government.

µ:zician : hehehe… you need to eat more dawg… and well, if the government every finds my website, then screw me =P

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