mac pro full spec

12 03 2007

hohoho~ i stumbled upon apple and my hands were itchy. so here you go guys! the most expensive thingy on my wishlist so far! apart from the car of course =]


specs *drooLz*

two 3.0GHz dual-core intel xeon
16GB (8 x 2GB) ram
four750GB 7200-rpm sata 3gb/s
nvidia quadro fx 4500 512mb, stereo 3D (2 x dual-link dvi)
two apple cinema hd display (30″ flat panel)
two 16x superdrives (with dual layer dvd burning capabilities)
bluetooth 2.0
edr and airport extreme
quad-channel 4Gb fibre channel pci express card
apple wireless keyboard
apple wireless mighty mouse
logic express preinstalled
mac os x
applecare protection plan for mac pro/power mac (w/or w/o display)

Subtotal $18,624.00

now… to find a multi millionaire friend… hehehe…




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