ritter royals – the shudarella

12 03 2007

in society today, there is a growing need for cosmetic-oriented things. why do i say so. well, this phenomenon is named by me as ada-gaya-takda-daya =P although having both would be the best, ppl tend to compromise on the daya these days to opt for something more gaya, with a more “wow” factor when you look at it.

the most obvious trend today would be the mobile phone, since everyone, even the nice cleaning ladies in foe have phones. i think you’ve heard of them. to name a few, there are the motorola v3, lg chocolate, etc. not only have they stopped there, even motorola have collaborated with d&g, while lg are hooking up wit prada.

which brings me to the topic. wat u see up there. the title. yeah. tats the name of an axe tat my lead guitarist has shown me one fine day. and boy does it look sweet!! i dont care how it sounds man. the looks bring saliva to my mouth. touching it. carressing it. licking it (ok, maybe thats a lil too far) well u get my point.

here it is. finally a bass guitar on my wishlist. a one you can actually buy for me brand new! haha, although it costs 17.000 EUR =[ art on the axe is by german artist shudarella


orange on white. sweet!


closeup on the detail


check out the detail! even the neck is not forgotten! *bounce*

still looking for that multi-millionaire friend. where are you? =P




2 responses

13 03 2007

I wanna lick dat!!!! OOH YEAH!!!!!

µ:zician : hohoho~! yeah man, its a bassist thing! haha

19 03 2007

Oh wow -that’s pretty!

µ:zician : yeap… pretty things with pretty prices =] you a musician too?

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