l.i.f.e rally 07

19 03 2007

i’ll be helping out this band called oneted for this gig. some christian event in grace assembly pj. hope to learn something out of this. work a lil on my stage presence perhaps =P

oneted’s music style. hmm, quite hard to put a finger on it. since they have 3 songwriters in the band right now, (the other guy writes chinese songs though =P) i would say they’re growing into each others style.

on one hand, you have the worship-y simple-words-deep-meanings esther, the drive-y, i’m-cool-coz-i-got-a-les-paul-and-a-gt8 weeliem, and their beloved band leader, i-set-up-my-drumkit-weirdly-coz-i-think-its-cool joshua! not forgetting, i-smile-with-sepet-eyes-and-get-all-the-girls-crazy-about-us cheemeng! (no blog to link) haha…


so this is the life of a sessionist eh? hohoho~ not nearly 20% as good as sessionist. just getting a cheapshot at how they live =P hope on here to find out more. your support, for me, and for the band, is much appreciated =]




One response

19 03 2007

weh…everyone going MMU melaka prom dat nite…well except me lar
hmm maybe i can ajak some members n go see O-NE-TED. haha!!! And their sessionist bass player mr.Eng Hong

µ:zician : hahaha… aperla… pronouced “wanted” k? hehe… come man… good if my sifu can come and watch me play =]

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