22 03 2007

the past 2 days, is what maybe johor faced (only in the same day) in cyberjaya~ well, the good part is that i don’t sweat myself to sleep anymore, resulting in a super nights rest! the bad part is that its so hard to wake up! =P

i don’t know, but something tells me that someone was singing. hmm. anyway with the wonders of technology these days (and a few individuals who have nothing better to do), this once-in-a-lifetime event can be seen over and over to your heart’s content =]

ok, i just realized that the owner of this clip doesn’t allow video embedding, so click here to view the video instead =]

mmm, looks like there’s another perk to staying in cyber heights villa: no crappy irrigation to mess up with my life~ =P i wonder what’s wrong wit the pipes in cyberia. maybe the size of them pipes are equal to a 5 cent coin? hmm.

i wonder where else they tried to save cost. here are some suggestions:

  • roads – check out the road in front of the block A parking. the only ride that would survive that is a hummer! not only is the road full of potholes, the pipping nearby is leaking~
  • floors/ceilings – try this. stand underneath any ceiling light in your unit. if your lucky, your feet would feel a tad warm. yes, the floor is that thin, u can feel the heat from the lights on the unit underneath you =]
  • elevators – test out the elevator’s capacity. you’d be surprised that even 4 ppl in it would trigger the ‘overweight’ alarm. i had numerous friends get trapped in the elevators as well.
  • steel grills – to make us ‘feel’ safer, cyberia has blessed its houses with steel grills. what we don’t know is how incredibly easy the locks on these grills are to open. i mean, even the house of IMBAPEH got broken into. =P

i imagine there are more. this is just an account of what i’ve noticed =]


i love my home =]




4 responses

22 03 2007

bing my dear this is a beautiful blog…haha…i dunno what made u surf into mine out of the blue, but glad u did…:)

µ:zician : green~! hehe thx girl. yeah i don’t know what made me do that too. maybe it was the food i was eating. =P so nice to see u here =]

22 03 2007

Show off!


µ:zician : hehehe… hey, you haven’t visited my hse yet rite? =] when u wanna come c its beauty? nyek nyek nyek…

22 03 2007

BEAUTY…???? Hahaha…the beauty is in the biawak dat lives in th pond behind the house….and also Laura(hope she reads this). Huahuahuahuahua!!!
Aaih but so sad case lar flood like dat. wade thru water to go to campus.

µ:zician : haha.. tats ma man the malaysian crocodile hunter! well, the flood is only in the carpark.. so, i guess all the spoilt kids had to walk to class =P

23 03 2007

i miss the holiday villa!!!

µ:zician : hehe… i’m sure the monitor lizard misses you too~ tsk tsk tsk…

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