old school

1 04 2007

was surfing around, doing the usual thing procrastinators do. thats when memory lane popped right out in front of my face… YOUTUBE!! haha, well tats not exactly old… but it has a lot of old stuff. haha! it got me singing some songs… remembering the things we do when we were young =] enjoy!

my hero back in the day. he could fix anything with a screwdriver. and chewing gum!

anything with guns was cool to a lil boy right? anything with guns and FLYING!! now tat gets a lil boy crazy =P


and the all time favourite in the childhood years…

buahahahahahaha~!!! imagine when we were young, we nvr thought it was weird that smurfs had only 1 girl… i wonder why… *smurf trivia – did you know that gargamel, the enemy of smurfs, put smurfette (the chick) there to corrupt the smurfs?*

smurfette is a slut.. smurfette is a slut… – russell peters





2 responses

3 04 2007

Yeah..MacGyver and Air Wolf rocks..!!! haha. Another one is Knight Rider. hahaha.

µ:zician : uh oh… so that’s why i couldn’t find knight rider on youtube, i was searching for NIGHT RIDER! HOHOHO! bodo.

3 04 2007

Daymnn..Classic man! Transformers shud be in the list too. Haha

µ:zician : yeah! forgot that one =P

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