minutes to midnight

3 04 2007

and its due out in may everyone! imagine. they made us wait for 4 yrs for this. after meteora, i was pretty disappointed though. 1, because it wasnt as good as their debut album (yes its good, i know. but u cant deny that hybrid theory blew u away right?) and 2, because mikey went on and started fort minor.


yup. the afro is back!

but all is good now. fort minor was really JUST a side project, and now in 2 months we’ll b hearing chester shouting, mike rapping, hahn scratching, etc. on the radio again! not sure what they’re gonna sound like though. anticipating evolution, apparently they’ve been experimenting a whole lot. with vintage amps/guitars/effects and drum machines bla bla bla…


the mohawk’s back too~

 thinking of linkin park. just makes me happy. i mean, they really have fun with everything that they do. with all the videos you’ve seen about them. the “like-meter”, running across highways, and yet supporting causes like the reliefs for the tsunami, hurricane katrina, etc. now that’s a balance in life i woudn’t mind having.


check out the new LP logo! rocking! from left to right: brad delson, joseph hahn, mike shinoda, chester bennington, rob bourdon, dave “phoenix” farrell

now comes the hard part. waiting for the album to come out! haha, well for the uninformed, chester bennington will b in town tomorrow! yes you got that right. and i hope u didn’t read to late. thx sherz for helping me level up =P *pictures are from their new single, what i’ve done*


 nice axe. wonder whether he’s still using ernie ball. hmm…




4 responses

3 04 2007


and we’ll be in the undead cyberjaya, sigh.

Hopefully your friend get to meet up with Chaz and take some pics, and pre-order our albums!

Ow yeah!

µ:zician : yeah babae!! sigh* imagine… right at this moment… chester is in malaysia… sigHHHHHH*

4 04 2007

…??? sorry not much into linkin park. But wouldnt mind going to their concert. I must admit, they r good. Good mixture of rock n rap.

Ooh for ur previous post..VOLTRON!!!

µ:zician : hehehe… yeaaah their songs rock… i listen more for their lyrical content and their wicked beats from shinoda and mr hahn =]

11 04 2007

Hi everybody!

Just want to let you know that our website Minutes2Midnight.com has been opened. There you can read the last news and special exclusives about Linkin Park and their new album “Minutes to Midnight”, which will be released on May 15, 2007 in the US (May 14, 2007 worldwide), download FOR FREE new songs and videos, read old and new LP’s lyrics, talk to other fans in our forum etc.

There is no doubt that nowadays Linkin Park is one of the famous bands in all over the world. Visit our website and you’ll know why these six guys have such great success!

µ:zician : whoa… wonder how u found me… hmm…

20 05 2011
Music Lover

Great article! I love the experimenting with all the different sounds with vintage amps, guitar effects, drum machines. This is how great/fresh songs are produced.

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