event review: teenacity

9 04 2007

young ppl rock. haha, well tats not entirely true. i guess teenacity (funky name for their teens group) peeps rock! they are an amazing crowd, very responsive. you dont feel all alone up on stage when u’re playing for them =]

sorry no pictures! couldn’t find any1 that has any. didn’t even see any cameras on that day actually. now, back to the event…

it was a nice, small crowd. about 20-30 ppl. sound was echo-y but surprisingly nice. maybe its because acts is blessed wit a sweet ampeg bass amplifier! *drooLz* well, we came on after the worship and announcements, and rocked 3 songs b4 handing the time over to ps. andy.

i was going a little overboard with my stage presence thingy i reckon. there are times i get to caught up at trying to feel the music, tat i end up playing the wrong note =P then there was this time where i jumped, and landed on my cable, hence breaking the connection to the amp… hehehe

good stuff of the day

  • nice crowd = stage presence comes more naturally
  • nice amp= bass sounds better than bassist is actually playing =P
  • its easier to play to strangers than friends (for me at least)

not-so-good stuff of the day

  • we weren’t really prepared. we were playing a new cover (united live – can’t live a day). but everyone was focusing on Him, not us. so i guess our mistakes here and there weren’t tat noticable =P
  • wee liem couldnt reach the highest notes on the new song =P

there’s a certain joy. a certain satisfaction.

when u make music, and ppl worship God from it.




One response

14 04 2007

i will hit the note the next time:)

btw. the grace rally gig video is on youtube:) can check out the blog at : onteted99.blogspot.com

µ:zician : hohoho~! yeah, thx for the info =]

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