3 08 2007

hey, if you’re free, go on and check out the local bands at the side, under “bands” =] support the local music scene! malaysia boleh! =]

we played at one rock @ mines a week ago… if you missed it, check it out here =]

and my personal favourite =]

although having massive pitching problems at that highest note, but tat song was quite fun.. i look quite kayu though… dunno how to have stage presence while singing and playing at the same time… any suggestions?




2 responses

4 08 2007

wahh…not bad…respect…respect…

µ:zician : heh, duno how its possible but it sounds better on video than live =] sound system was very sharp on that day

5 08 2007
victor kee

*shouts like schoolgirl* aaaaaaaa lenard so manly!!! aaaaa lenard so cute…..!!!
*shouts manly voice* dude i love your bandd!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa

µ:zician : mmm… thank God i can edit my comments, now it is more clear to the world who this friend of ours really wants to be… hehehe

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