cfmmu 10th anniversary

21 08 2007

my uni recently turned 10, and so has my cf! yeah, pretty awesome. it came a long way from the handful of students that used to gather, to once being the largest “unsanctioned” cf in the country =P yeah, sounds pretty exciting rite? well, some of them seniors decided that they wanted to round up all batches of the cf for a reunion and guess wat? about 200+ ppl turned up. really cool to catch up with everyone tat i haven’t seen for a long time.

anyway, i got the priviledge to play alongside pg165 with oneted at this event. here’s one of the songs we played. a cover of a song 1 particular senior wrote that impacted the lives of a few of my bandmates. kinda like a tribute to him i guess =P well, enjoy! p/s: pardon all of my mistakes =P

pics will be up soon. hopefully.




3 responses

21 08 2007

dah lama siut tak comment kat sini…..aah…..
Dude, its our honour to share stage with u guys lar. hehe.
Who the senior wrote this song lar?

µ:zician: yo mr nzx in da houz! heh, eh ur blog sudah mati kah? revive it la weh… jack ling wrote that song btw…

22 08 2007

Awesome stuff!

µ:zician: yo~ thx bro =]

27 08 2007

Memang lama dah mati man. Did it for the sake of assignment lar. Not a blogger lar me. And i am too lazy, seriously.

µ:zician: lemah la… ur a good blogger weh… the things u write are kool!

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