28 09 2007


alas we have to part ways *sniff* had load of fun with you. my first stage performance. my first battle of the bands. my first paid gig. my first jump with a bass. but now its time to say goodbye. i wish i didn’t have to. *sigh* i’ll always remember you. a fond memory in my mind.







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29 09 2007

Why what happened to it?
Sold it away?

µ:zician: well, stuff i guess *sigh* yeap, such is life… hopefully its new owner will treat her well 😦

29 09 2007

crap…that is one sexy axe!

µ:zician: yup, she was my black beauty~ =[ i’ll have wet dreams of her =P

29 09 2007

what happened to it???

µ:zician: passed on to her new owner 😦 slightly regretting the sale now, but oh well… its done…

30 09 2007

dude! show us your new babe man.
I know it’s sad…but i’m dying to check out your new baby:)

µ:zician: dem… now everyone thinks i pura pura sad sell my bass away nih… i’m really SAD ok? sad but still looking forward =P

1 10 2007

Old wan dun go, new one dun come. Dats a fact, at least for those of us who arent filthy rich. Hahaha.

µ:zician: true true… though now i have no bass, and you have 2… hmm… who’s the filthy rich one now! haha

1 10 2007

huh…??? errr………… but u got tons of pedals!!!! HAHA!!!

µ:zician: all for sale wan ma mine… not like ur sansamp =P

2 10 2007

i feel so left out amidst the musicians talk here ……

µ:zician: ahahaha, well it IS a blog by a musician =P hopefully it gives u peer pressure to become one as well =]

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