1 10 2007

i like this clip… if u turn the audio off and just watch d clip… just going crazy in the studio, tried out this new studio opposite sunway pyramid, biggest issue about the place was the slow cooling aircon for me, but i think chiam would say that it was the crappy drumkit =P well, there’re too many mistakes in this clip, i was just focusing on nailing the “paramore” jump. hehe, watch out for it =]

used my me-8b’s octaver to add an octave lower to whatever i’m playing coz this song’s meant for a 5-string bass, and the only bass they had in the studio was a 4-string fender jazz copy. kinda surprised weeliem’s n70 could actually pick up the sound of my bass playing in the clip though. thx to steph for videoing the song =]




2 responses

1 10 2007

hazard lenard! you’re a whirlwind in the studio, mate! uber cool jumps. thanks for letting me be oneted’s audience of one 🙂

µ:zician: whoa… and i thought MY email address was cool =P heh, thx for video-ing and being the hands for esther to practice hi-5-ing =]

2 10 2007

Best Giler!!


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