2 10 2007

seems malaysian ads are getting quite nice. well, at least i laughed =P here’s a post that the non-musician readers can enjoy =D

so kids… buckle up when ur riding, even in the backseat. =]




5 responses

2 10 2007

i laughed too

µ:zician: hehehe, the ad is almost lame… but isn’t quite, tats y i still can laugh =P

2 10 2007

can’t believe i’m saying this, but dang, that was pretty funny! 😛

µ:zician: yupz. good job to the brilliant malaysian that thought this one up! =]

2 10 2007

My car no rear seat belts also. Is it now a law? Neeways, how come pontianak fly out thru the front windshield but the glass didnt shatter?

µ:zician: from the vid can see crack a bit la, not shatter. i tot not suppose to break at all.. hantu invisible wan rite? =P

3 10 2007

Rofl. GG ad by proton!

µ:zician: OWNING~!

3 10 2007

ehh..i didnt know pontianak..still got blood to bleed.. means 1..tis hantu havent fully become HOLLOW yet..still got steel chains attached…


µ:zician: hehe, sorry i wasn’t that observant to those stuff =P

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