6 10 2007


my competition. *stress* yes, my physical body has been measure to this. for the uninformed, this is stanley huang, a american-borned hk singer. now, wats so special about this american-borned hk singer. well, nothing much. only thing is that my girl is obsessed with this dude right now. *sweats* now, i don’t have the cash for plastic surgery, so all i can work on is my bod i guess. wonder how long i would take. 6 months? a year?





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6 10 2007

you’re duped man….going down….
on second thoughts, if u use a straw to suck out the fats in your tummy, it just might work…

µ:zician: now why would i wanna get rid of the fat i need in order to turn them into muscle? =\

6 10 2007

suck it in, boy, suck it in! now hold that breath….

passed out yet?

µ:zician: now why does everyone think i’m fat? i’m just not toned… hmm…

6 10 2007

lol …..

µ:zician: word~

6 10 2007

i like him too!! :*)

µ:zician: haha, but ur bf so gaya adi~ so metro! =P

6 10 2007

Tell u lar, 1st its RAIN, then its this dude, then someone else. Alwez like dat wan. Takeshi Kaneshiro, Takeshi’s Castle….wutever it is lar. Who wants 6 kancil when u can have 1 Mercedes rite. I have a Merc to offer, take it or leave it. Hahaha!!!

ps: they alwez like Lee Hom or Jay Chou or John Mayer or wutever the heck it is lar, you(and me) will never get any love unless we put down our bass and pick up a guitar or sit by a piano…bassist dun get any love. Its true. Haha…sedih!

µ:zician: hmm, i dont quite get the 6 kancils quote though =\ yeah, a change of career… deng, shouldn’t have quit piano classes when i was young! =P

8 10 2007

6 kancil = six pack. One mercedes = one tondi. =)

µ:zician: wakakakakkakakaka~! i nvr knew of such slang man =P

8 10 2007

ooooooooooo…………… *open eye big big*


i have found a new love……….

weeeeee! 😀

*time to google him up*

*psssst* bassists are hawt. 😉 (just that guitarists and pianists are hawt-er. xD)

µ:zician: yeah this is your kinda guy heidi, he has a chinese song called “who’s your daddy” >=] mmm…. about hawtness, wat about a piano playing bassist? wakakakakakaka~

11 10 2007


µ:zician: mmm… 1 more “lol” comment, and it would look like tats the only word u know bro =P

11 10 2007

Whoever says the chicks dig piano playing guys, has got it all wrong, mate. 😛

µ:zician: haha, well for u my friend, its bcoz they cant see your eyes 😉

12 10 2007

sometimes u dont not nid to put to much wordplay on watcha going to say. Sometimes simplicity also is a good thing.

µ:zician: yeah it is… sometimes… =]

26 10 2007

heard of the phrase “size does matter?” and “quality not quantity” ?
One BIG pack definitely better than having 6. Like mine. WWWWWAAAAAAHAHHHA

µ:zician: hohoho~ well, there are girls who prefer 1 big pack i guess =P

28 10 2007

heya dude! buck up! you can do it! hahahaha
I owe you a date! for now, I’m stressed out with my own exams. bah.
something i don’t look forward to, nor working.
bleh. i wished i’m back in uni.
sleep,msn,yahoo,class,SHOP!,laze, and back to sleep……….
ahhhh……only if work was 4 hours a day…I wouldn’t mind working.

µ:zician: yes. where’s my date? wat exams can u be possibly sitting for now? =[

10 11 2007

Aijjooo.. can la you… so skinny.. work out aBIT also got shape dy la.. 😉
And maaaannn have I been so out of touch with blogs!

µ:zician: hah.. its easier said than done… coz of my skininess, i have to eat like a cow! like, literally like a cow… else it all turns into shyt =P and yes u ARE out of touch… ur always around ur pc at work rite? blog laR!! hehe

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