bts @ 1cafe

11 02 2008

no, this blog is not dead.

the owner however. heh.

well. i’m trying to kill my laziness. so bear with me =] i’ll b playing at this new place called one cafe with beat the system on the 16/2. would be cool if u came to support us. we’ll be playing a few old songs as well as 1-2 new songs. so if u haven’t heard me in my new band, pls drop by. i might even buy u a drink =] here’s a map in case u don’t know where it is. its somewhere around the pudu, central market area.


time details would be announced later. prolly evening-night-ish =]




3 responses

11 02 2008

woah! u ganti Sel ar? hehe. all the best buddy!

µ:zician: yeah… big shoes to fill man… hope to see u there~! =]

12 02 2008

hmm..ur map..confusing man.

will try go.

µ:zician: yeah i oso only agak agak know where it is… c u there man.. make me look cool wit ur d200 😉

14 02 2008

ooi! long time no see. back in melb already. sorry didn’t get to say bye before i left. have fun rockin out!

µ:zician: so i’ve heard =\ u’ve been a good video-er hehe. til we meet in the flesh again =]

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