in an intellectual, pondering state

15 02 2008

i’ve learnt that the emotion called love evolves in such a way like this.

  1. you’re so hot. i like you
  2. you like me too? that’s even hotter!
  3. i wanna see you everyday. coz you’re so hot
  4. i guess a phone call will do if i cant see you. you’re hot
  5. i think i love you
  6. i know i love you
  7. I LOVE YOU!! oh yeah, you’re still hot =P
  8. i cant live without you
  9. i cant live with you!
  10. oh wait. i cant live without you
  11. *repeat step 9-10 n number of times*
  12. i think i’m just too used to having you around. hmm, you’re not so hot after all =\

i think love is like a bad tv series with a super – uber – fantastic  – keng – chao – omg – imba – supercalifrajalisticespialadocious – bamboozled – amazing – cooler – than – spiderman’s – balls – hotter – than – paris – hilton’s – sex – tape – machoer – than – edison – chen – surprising – twists – as – chuah – soi – lek – lamer – than – audrey’s – jokes – crazier – than – victor – circling – a – hooker – more – entertaining – than – johnyee – rubbing – dwong’s – bits pilot. the pilot gets u so engrossed and so crazy about the whole series, when actual fact the series isn’t as hyped as the pilot potrays it to be.

i guess sometimes love = work

and its those times that suck. just like watching a bad episod of my name is earl. oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet =P loL~




2 responses

16 02 2008

well.. at least i got an award for my lameness.
and that makes me the only name listed there with such an achievement. hah.

µ:zician: O.o

19 02 2008
victor will thrash lenard


µ:zician: u will live in fear after ur bday 😉

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