malaysia & gigs

18 02 2008

i guess nobody made their way to support me at 1cafe kl. well. neither did i. yes another gig canceled. d 1st 2 gigs in the yr have been last minute postphoned (paul’s place) and postphoned indefinitely (1 cafe).

this got me feeling. are these organisers taking advantage of us? and i guess they are.

they know that there isn’t make places around that organises gigs. they ALSO know that we as indie bands with hopes of a bigger brighter future for our band, are willing to play for free most of the time.


i mean. dahlah u not paying us. we have to go jamming at least 6hrs b4 a gig. tats approx rm150 in a std studio. plus the time we spent practicing and driving to practices. den, u go and postphone gigs. and u know the most sucky part? eventually we still will play for these inconsiderate ppl bcoz there arent many gig places around.

*continues shouting and screaming in the comfort of his room*




3 responses

18 02 2008

chill…photography bisness sometimes are the same. hold on to waht you bliv in, and maybe just maybe you might get some calls.

and those calls can be nothing and some is something. but a call can mean a new beginning. like me. haha

cheers! tiger ruin ur spelling eh?

µ:zician: ah… so photographers have the same struggles… nice =] tiger? wat tiger? hehehe

18 02 2008

i feel you man…i feel you….!!!

µ:zician: dont feel me too much now. haha

29 02 2008

hi, i have a band here too. if possible, i hope that my band can perform for gigs also.i understand ur feeling. good luck to u then.

µ:zician: yo thx for dropping by! do let me know when ur band has gigs =]

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