how much do u love victor kee?

19 02 2008

remember when our dear brother came into our lives? for us cyberians, he was the cute little fat big-boned boy who brought his sugar gliders to IF camp. *awww* and we pondered to ourselves. why do the melakans hate him so much? from veet hair removal cream, to toothpaste, to wedgies, wat has triggered such violence in the presence of this kind-loving soul?

well. he came to cyber. and now we know why =D for the uninformed, victor kee’s bday is a little over a month from now, and i have narrowed down a few ways we could show him how much we care for him.


1. borrow a paintball gun. and tie victor kee to the tennis court netting wall and have a ball


 2. wedgie. no single word strikes fear in the heart of the manliest of men these days. wait. there is one other word…


3. we call it current. the japs have an actual name for it! its called denki anma. and apparently it was practiced on females as well. hmm.


4. head shaving. the look on the monkey almost makes u not want to inflict such love onto victor.








5. veet for men. one thing that veet cream is missing. the causing of pain at every application. hehe =]


6. the villains. current contacted villains:

  • vj
  • justin
  • tim chase
  • wayne
  • did i leave any1 out? hmm.

and remember, if u have any better suggestions. just leave a comment.factors that are in consideration are:

  • price
  • pain
  • practicality (yes, u must remember victor is quite… large =D)
  • pleasure (both for us and him)
too bad styne couldn’t make it =\



13 responses

19 02 2008

man….wut did he do to deserve such love???

µ:zician: no one knows his secret. should ask da man himself =P any “love” ideas? hehe

19 02 2008

lets put some make up on victor

that’s all I can say.


µ:zician: nice… and then take blackmail pictures of them. hehe

19 02 2008


and we should get an empty one for victor too.
there is nothing sweeter than a crushed hope.

µ:zician: heh. prob is getting tat many guns =\

19 02 2008

thanx for the feature although highly irrelevant! let’s…let’s….let’s…just give him something he’ll remember for the rest of his life. can’t think of what right now but the above should do just fine. 😀

µ:zician: hmm… all of the above? now u’re talking >=]

19 02 2008

I don’t know victor that well, other than seeing him tag along for the PG165 gigs. But did I hear pain and crushed hopes??

I want in! muhahaha!

I opt for current…massive current…..

µ:zician: the love of victor kee stretches so wide. even ppl who dont know him well want to love him. amazing.

19 02 2008

The guy getting current-ed in the pic is smiling….i hope victor will be too 🙂

µ:zician: hehehehe… or else we will current him until he smiles! loL~

20 02 2008
victor will thrash lenard

well u guys one by one can take turns using guns…

µ:zician: tats the plan =] thx for ur advice. any other ways u would like to be loved? =D

20 02 2008

why not we include in dwong’s memorable ‘candle’ part from his bday…of coz with the help of Jon Yee

µ:zician: hey a new comment-er! come back for more eh? =] wax huh? interesting…

20 02 2008

aw man. evilness. but i think we can all just make him suffer by taping his mouth&hands and making him watch us eat Jogoya infront of him.muahaha =D tension betul~

µ:zician: now tats an idea i nvr thought of! wonder if jogoya would allow us to bring him in free… hmm…

20 02 2008

i love him as much as i hate him. so i’m definitely in dee…

my suggestions:

1) stuff his head into the pail of the 3 months after the expiry date eggs (i have a few here with me)
2) wedgie him by dragging him outside the cyberia main road (just like how kenny did during CG camp)
3) put the DWong’s 5 geckos into his pants, even better if it’s Kaelynn’s hamster coz it bites hard =P
4) make him drunk and let him walk around specific KL area if u noe what I mean =P
5) cabut his car tyres =D

µ:zician: now this is wat i call love in action! loL~

20 02 2008

Put butter or margarine on the face and throw grasses on it =D. Just like oscar in sesame street. The one in the garbage can.

µ:zician: mmm… somehow tat doesn’t bring much pain to him. tho it is fun and cheap! =P

21 02 2008

find an old man with dentures…get him to take off his dentures and nibble victor with his gums… :3

µ:zician: ah… i just hope this is not some crazy sick fantasy of yours… eek

24 03 2008

mystic, its just the usual random hot chick thing.

len, the ideas are getting more and more.. erm.. well, random. so, why don’t we just do random things to him. haha.

ah man. random-ness.

µ:zician: i like your style. we shall have an “open mic” session for random suggestions i guess 😀

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