my baby love

20 02 2008

i think its about time i premiered this to the world. can’t keep beauty like this hidden in the closet =]

tats duff mckagan, bassist of guns n roses and velvet revolvers. yup i’m using his bass. but theoratically, he’s using my bass as well. hehehe

this is my 1st venture into the world of single coil pickups. and yes, i have grounding/60cycle hum issues. at least i think i do. well. finally i see myself not changing my bass guitar for a very long time.


yet to name it. any suggestions? =] no actual pics coz photography aint my best skill 😉

also. i’m seriously considering doing something. anything to it. cosmetics-wise. things that have crossed my mind:

  1. get a pickguard for it. prolly a black gloss one.
  2. racing stripes (like my 1st wife).
  3. spray painting my precision pickup cover, my bridge pickup volume knob and my B string tuner white (or maybe red?).
  4. *insert your suggestion here*



8 responses

20 02 2008
Josh. C

1.) LEDS. Think Sam Perkins of LimpBizkit.
2.) Attach another guitar head. Billy Sheehan?
3.) Pink Colour Strings.
4.) Scratch it more so that it looks more vintage. HAHA..
5.) Groovy Stickers.

µ:zician: mmm…. 1 and 2 are way out of budget 😦 and i think u mean sam RIVERS 😉 pink strings? hmm… 5 would b nice tho… =]

20 02 2008

fuzzy pink trimmings and white lace and little flowers and bells and ribbons. :3

µ:zician: u remember that i’m part of a metal band rite? O.o

20 02 2008

Owh owh owh! You should BEDAZZLE it!!!! make it nice and sparkly and pink! 😀

µ:zician: mmm… u got a bedazzle-er to borrow me? haha

21 02 2008
Victor FMC

put skulls on it…then put a bat at the end of the head(bass..not bat)…..then u gigit it la when u are done playing….

or u can go and give ur body a mirror finish… (vai) i know expensive so i got a cheaper method..
hmm u buy one mirror..then u break it all up
then..u take UHU glue and stick it on the body like a disco ball…..HAHHAAH

µ:zician: er… i’m in a metal band… not a antichrist-marilyn-manson-bat-blood-sucking band weh =P and that cheap fix would get me scratched all over weh!

21 02 2008
Victor FMC

fyi…manson is also metal…

got blood good la…then u drink some blood and spit out the blood like how Triple H spits out water when he enters the ring….damn yeng la….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

µ:zician: yeah i know. tak bleh la minum darah nih. there are better more yeng things to do than that 😉

21 02 2008

oooh! helo rawkstar! sweeeet, man!

µ:zician: yeah… come see it perform! oh wait, ur a little too far =\

24 02 2008

U shud call it Cruella….or maybe something sweet like Laura…maybe u can call it Heidi…hahaha.

I think White Stripe would be sweet..

µ:zician: mmm… cruella? nah… i need a more feminine… hot… sexy… name 😀 yeah white stripe is cool.. unfortunately white stripe wouldn’t b able to cover the super amount of wear and tear on my fender 😦

25 02 2008

racing stripes!!!

and also paint the P covers.

I wanna get a set of red DR strings lar for my bass. It has a name lar, ai ai named it ‘little red riding hood’, hahaha!!! put lar red strings on urs also, sure nice wan. red strings look nice on dark colours like ur rosewood fb and blk body. give it a scandanavian name…hehehe. something most ppl cant pronounce

µ:zician: yeah i was contemplating between 2 colors to add to my bass… either white or red… but red and white are quite commonly liked colours… wat about green? like army green, not disgusting vomit green =P hmm… DR strings mahal weh =( yeah i think i found a scandinavian name yo! haha

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