my top 3

22 02 2008

these are the ppl that i’m trying to play like / sound like / groove like / jump around like / etc etc =]

my top 3 list =D

alex katunich aka dirk lance – ex incubus bassist
ben kenney – current incubus bassist
sam rivers – limp bizkit
yeah. i’m surprised the likes of flea or victor wooten or billy sheehan didn’t make the list. only recently began paying attention to sam rivers tho. nice grooves. nice tone. nice move. best yet, he uses custom made warwicks. dirk uses warwicks too. kenney is a lakland supporter. nvr tried those b4.
who is in YOUR top 3? =]



6 responses

22 02 2008

thats a damn good top three, i only have one cliff burton(metallica)

cool blog

µ:zician: hey there. nice of you to drop by. cool site man! metallica eh? prefered newsted 😉

25 02 2008

My Top 3?

3. Jordan Rudess
2. David Bryan
1. Jesse Carmichael

Oh, bassist is it? Erm, Mark Hoppus?

µ:zician: ah… mr blink 182… haha sorry i don’t know keyboardist names 😛

11 06 2008

hmm, Dirk lance is pretty awesome, id agree choose him as well, but just to change it up Ill have to go with…

1.Les Claypool
2. Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle – Fantomas)
3. Tim Commerford (RAtM)

µ:zician: nice =] i don’t really listen to many bassists though… couldn’t find anything on trevor dunn on youtube, he plays the double bass?

2 08 2008
Andrew Koblick -

1. Scott Tunes (Frank Zappa)
2. Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead)
3. Stanley Clarke

Andrew Koblick

µ:zician: u gave 4 =P

3 07 2009

Cool, this is my list:

1. Dirk Lance (yes he is really that good, check out the first 4 Incubus albums)
2. Stuart Zender
3. Jaco Pastorius

I know; some of you would switch my numbers 1 and 3 but i do like the conteporary sound/way of playing bass just a bit more…

27 10 2009

1. Neal Evans ( even though he plays key bass)

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