27 02 2008

have u ever done all this in a day

  • a group meeting
  • driving for close to 2 hours
  • jamming for 6 hours

well i have. and i’m currently dead. its been a long time since i’ve ached throughout my body. yes. for the uninformed, it wasnt just jamming. we were recording some vids for a diy mtv project. so its actually 6 hours of jumping, headbanging, etc.





3 responses

27 02 2008

lol…so kesian…

µ:zician: mr. lol speaks! haha

28 02 2008

wow u didnt sleep in class. power!

µ:zician: hehe… sleep after class! got go french onot? hehe

28 02 2008

Wah wah…post on youtube once u guys r done with the MTV. I wanna see!!!!!

µ:zician: yeah will do… hopefully it will turn out great =]

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