beat the system @ the star youth2

12 03 2008

bought the star today? well, although they are very controlled by BN, i shall advertise them on this blog just this once =] there was a short writeup in the youth2 section on several local bands. they only highlighted 2 bands though: dragon red & beat the system. so, click here to jump to it.

my name is there, though i’m not in the picture due to the recentness of my entry to the band =\ its all good though.

army of three is also gonna b on a touring gig in johor next saturday. check them out if u have the time. its during midterm break =]

p/s: added 1 friends quote, and updated my wishlist =] *bounce*

p/s2: for a good laugh at how i have looked like before, click here =]




4 responses

12 03 2008

they spelled ur name wrongly

µ:zician: well, they spelled it like my parents spells it 😉

12 03 2008

wahaha.. leOnard teo 😛

µ:zician: its ME ok? its not some other person with a name like mine =P

12 03 2008

cool hairdo man. Those were the good old days huh ?Lol

µ:zician: well, i guess u could call it the good old days…

12 03 2008

Hahaha, why until now still no pictures with your bandmates one???

I miss your tailllllll…. you din take pic of your ‘punisher’ shave?

µ:zician: gotttttt… but duno why they nvr use 😦 i took a pic of my punisher.. but i kinda… sorta… cant find it =\

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