campur charts goes on a tour

18 03 2008

 if u’ve been to laundry @ the curve b4, u would probably know that has their local music scene show, campur chart goes live there almost once a week. its a pretty sweet place to survey the local music scene whether it be rock, hip hop, brit rock or watever. basically any band on the chart will eventually play at this live show. well, seeing that this fixed venue has benefited the folks of klang valley, now comes a new take to it.


yes. now they’re touring. haha. and i’ll b going with them. yes i know, u dont see oneted on this poster. neither is there beat the system. well, that’s because i’m going as army of three’s official roadie! haha, yeah. u know the guy who goes on stage b4 the stars go up there to play. yeah tats me. heh, thought it would b a good experience. and i would b able to mingle with acts like love me butch and the otherside orchestra. so its all good. if u’re around the area. pls come. mmu ppl. u’re on holiday. pls come =]

who knows. army of three might play some of their new tracks =\




2 responses

18 03 2008

dude JB is even further from melaka than KL. 3 hrs drive man.

µ:zician: well, u nvr know… sat, u might b quite bored… and a 3 hour drive may seem like its not that long =P

18 03 2008

guess who might be going back to his hometown tht weekend? hehe. c ya there!

µ:zician: sweeet! a familar face in jb at least! haha

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