the vines

18 03 2008

i like this song. but just watch how different these 2 clips are.

now this is their recorded version on mtv. pretty sweet rite? now embrace urself for the next vid…

yes its the same band. somehow their live performances suck. to me at least. some ppl say its good. coz it shows emotions apparently. well, u can show emotions without falling and screwing up ur guitar’s tuning am i right? and i nvr really liked bands who trash their equipment. tats y i lost some interest in linkin park after i watched live in texas =\




3 responses

18 03 2008

Yeah i agree, bands / musicians should respect their instrument~!! Haha but some of the bands because their sponsored thats why they trash the instruments, and here we are dreaming and working hard to get ours. RESPECT THE INSTRUMENT PEOPLE~!!!

µ:zician: yeah man.. tanak, kasi us la… kakaka

21 03 2008

they gila look and sound retarded man.

µ:zician: yeah their frontman has some sorta brain disorder thingy =\ seriously, not joking =]

25 03 2008

it is featured in one of weird al yankovic’s songs..the “Angry White Boy Polka ‘Fan Mode’ ”

always wondered hwo the actual song sounds like 😛

µ:zician: LYZ!!! yeah tats an awesome yankovic song as well =]

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