victor kee. are u ready?

24 03 2008

the ppl have been informed.

the tools have been gathered.

the plans have been laid down.

we are ready.

are you ready?





8 responses

24 03 2008

ooh goodness….may mercy be upon victor

µ:zician: oh, we definitely will show him mercy. we wont kill him 😉

24 03 2008
victor will thrash lenard

it is on…it is on till the break of dawn…hunt for me if u can..

µ:zician: sounds like a challenge =]

24 03 2008


µ:zician: let me know if u wanna participate 😉

24 03 2008
Sirn Loong

wah… its really not that hard to hunt you la victor…. Lenard without an O…. I’ll help u if you can trash him /gg

µ:zician: yeah appreciate it 😉

24 03 2008

wow …lenard’s inner desires haf been unleash ….the desire to thrash vic that is .eh please do a report on the birthday “bash” aftermath k .

µ:zician: hmm. 1st u ask me to leave him alone. den u ask me to do a report coverage on the event? which side are u on man? =P

24 03 2008

Vic, just come my house. I’ll hide you in my house. I won’t tell anyone! Weally!

µ:zician: yes! pls do that victor! we’ll nvr know u’ll b in yih tsern’s place =]

25 03 2008

i would say, dun challenge victor. The harder we get to find you, the harder we will thrash you.. dun 4get, I know where u stay victor… so make things simple for us, and we’ll make things less painful for you… you know the theory, the harder it is obtained, the more we’ll hold on and cherish it. The harder we look for you,…. (i dont think i need to continue)

µ:zician: right on =]

25 03 2008

since when i was against it ????

µ:zician: well, u were asking me to leave victor alone on his blog =\

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