dear peh

26 03 2008

focusing on another “celebrity” in my life, we welcome u to teong kee @ peh @ imbap3h. yes this is 1 entertaining fellow. if u noticed, he has a famous quote in my quote section already. but that alone doesn’t justify his celebrity status among us. here’s a video illustration on why we love peh so much =]

*this is where u take 5 minutes off to roll on the floor laughing*

that was the langkawi trip that i booked the hotel for. too bad i couldn’t go =\ oh well, looking forward to krabi! woohoo~! well, at least in the end, they all dived in =]

now for the grand finale. hopefully this clip will enlighten u on what actually triggered this “dance” =D *hint: involves malaysia’s law enforcement*

imbapeh, we love you =]




8 responses

26 03 2008

how can be no comments weh….
haha peh is screwdriver celebrity lai de 😛

µ:zician: ya man! when he was small ar… his sister kau small!!! hahaha =]

26 03 2008

skloo de bar?

µ:zician: yesh. haven’t u seen our official polo neck shirt? =]

26 03 2008

wat the!!!!!

µ:zician: SAY IT!!! haha

26 03 2008

LMAO lmao lmao. everytime i watch the jump video, can’t take it but laugh like a donkey ass.

µ:zician: yup, guaranteed to make suicide cases drop by at least 69% =]

27 03 2008

credits to turtle for recording it, but the Mastermind behind the scene award goes to VANILA!!! hahahaha… x-D

µ:zician: yeah… i wonder when will our next screwdriver holiday b? hmmm…

2 04 2008

WAH! a blog post featuring me, im so honoured :Þ

µ:zician: not blog la… just blog post 😉

9 04 2008

hahaha…farking farnie wehh!! i aso laugh beh tahan!! =D *rofl* kao kao

µ:zician: now u know where to go when u’re feeling down 😉

19 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Monomaniac.

µ:zician: not much point to miss here bro 😉 it was just a nice prank we play on a friend that we always punk’d =]

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