the periodic update

7 07 2008

1. i have graduated

2. i am unemployed, but have a job (confusing i know)

3. i have too many bands (but its alright now since none of them heavily gig… yet)

4. i miss having everything in my room (i need to buy a table)

5. i’m going to pay off my debts to my debtors very soon

6. i hope ppl who owe me money will do the same very soon

7. i need a new strap

8. i need new cables

9. i’m gas-ing for more stompboxes

10. i have no idea what job i want to apply for, though i’m leaning towards management trainees

11. i’m soon going to be non-existant in cyberjaya =\ (though i will return periodically to haunt certain individuals)

12. i will be touring to perak (twice) in this month

13. i bought “melayu” converse-like shoes in indo

14. i bought not-so-skinny jeans from esprit

15. i’m desperately trying to gain weight (mcds doesn’t help as much as i thought it would)

16. i failed to obtain my 6pack goal by june 😦

17. i’m still not on the graduates list for some unknown reason

18. i am going to do something epic to glen

19. i am going to recruit my team to do something epic to glen

20. i am not going to kill glen





One response

16 07 2008

ooh! heading towards the emo rocker look are we? you’d suit it well man 🙂

µ:zician: nah i dont think so… eyeliners dont look good on me =P

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