beat the system needs you!

21 07 2008

my “indian” band is in discovery stage @ cineleisure this 2nd august, and there’s an online portion to the competition. the winner is the band with the highest number of votes online. so yes, beat the system needs you! if you havent heard any of our tracks yet, you can search us on facebook at “beathesystem” or just go to to hear our songs. here’s the link for voting

all you need to do is register for an account, click on the link in the verification email, login, and vote for beathesystem. pls remember to fill up 10 stars aiight? =]

do note that the website brings u to the next band’s page after u have voted, so don’t keep voting 10 stars, or else you would’ve voted for all the bands eventually 😛

its a 1-registration-1-vote thing, but they also track your IP, so if u wish to do multiple votes, u can vote once at ur office, once at home, once at starbucks, once at a cybercafe, etc =D

also if u have a blog, pls help us by blogging about this! all help is very much appreciated by us at beathesystem. we love you! =]




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