i’ll be here. will you?

21 08 2008

finally, i’m gig-ing with underheadlights! haha yes those who know, know that i haven’t been able to play with my band for their 1st 2 gigs due to certain obvious reasons =P but now i’m able! woohoo! so this is where u can catch underheadlights first ever full band gig!

you are the revolution! and its at the final stage right here in kl. well, not really kl, acts church summit usj actually. we’ll be playing on the last day (closing band woot!) so come and support us aiight? no more places for the conference, but the night event starts at 7pm. and at the strike of 10pm, we’re teleporting to:

alive and amplified! dare i say the 1st full band gig in a halo cafe setting? heh, basically everything you need to know about the gig is in this flyer. our 1st gig with a flyer! basically our studio roped us into this gig, so a big thank you to john @ munkee music for this opportunity.

see all of you there!




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